A School Toilet Worth 9 dollars by 13 year old students.

We all know that in India in some remote schools there aren’t any toilets and students are encouraged to go out.

They made this within a budget of ₹600. The schools that can’t afford the costly urinals can make use of it.

Here are the proud inventors.

They are just 13 year old.

Some more…

they did this because they *just did* it…

Instead of thinking about what they don’t have they thought about what they have…that’s exactly where the small things matter.

Having an *idea* ?

*Just make it* .

__/\__ Take a bow.

That’s my India!!

We should appreciate this.



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Coolest Inventions.

Safety Roller Barrier –

To prevent the number of accidents, Safety Roller Barrier is going to be used. It rotates the car on impact.

Image Source: Roller barriers to improve road safety in high-speed collisions – The Rakyat Post

Source Plastic rollers are mounted between an upper and lower metal rail, both on the inside and outside of the posts. When a vehicle hits the guardrail, it first hits the plastic rollers. These rollers spin, effectively converting shock energy into rotational energy. Source

Image Source: New Roller Barrier Could Improve Vehicular Safety – WheelScene

Source On hard impacts, there is a secondary impact that is absorbed by the inner metal rails, minimizing damage and injuries. If the impact is severe enough, the outer rails are a third level of protection, keeping you and your vehicle from plummeting off the edge of the road. Source

Image Source: Roller barriers to improve road safety in high-speed collisions – The Rakyat Post

Source The roller barrier can save lives virtually every time it’s used. Where guardrails might slightly lessen the blunt force trauma in an accident, they are usually just one layer of metal, thus only effective for initial impact. The roller barrier turns catastrophic impact into a glancing blow. Source

Image Source: Safety Rolling Barrier/Safety Wall/Safety Guard for sharp curve

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