Myth about Technology.

Myth about communication through mobile phones.

Myth: We communicate through wireless mobile phones using satellite connections.

Actual Truth: It’s all wired.

Don’t believe me!

Alright give me 1 min and you will get to know about something amazing about mobile communications.

See in this map, this is the network of undersea optical cables known as submarine cables that is spread all over the globe. This is the sole reason how we are able to communicate all over the world through our phones.

It all goes back to 19th century.

The mobile tower you see all over the country are connected through these cables and then they relay wireless signals for our wireless phones.

  • Satellites are nowhere used in this process.

This is how cables are carried to the ocean.

Ships to do such type of giant task.

Lots of man/woman-work. :p

Even sharks help sometimes too. LOL.

This is how they do it to make our life easy.

Satellites are used somewhere else for tracking, weather forecasting, military services etc.

Image Source:- Google.

The cable that shark is eating up is of google actually. :p

For more knowledge and history source:-Submarine communications cable – Wikipedia

source :- Submarine CableMap.

You can get any cable link network here in this site present on this earth.

:- Source:- I Saw How India Connects To The Internet At 3.6 Tbps At An Undersea Cable Landing Station